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5 reasons why I am against seperate Telangana

Recently Pawan Kalyan's movie 'Cameraman Gangatho Rambabu' created some controversy in Telangana, apparently it showed Telangana people and Telangana movement in bad light. As usual it stirred the never ending debate of separate statehood. I went through lots of online discussions on this topic and felt like penning my opinion on it (not that my opinion is important or bears any bearing on the movement).

Five reasons why I feel Andhra Pradesh should not be divided:
  1. If a separate state is given for every region whose people feel they are neglected,we will have thousands of states. Apparently there are 67+ separate state movements in India. If Telangana becomes separate state it'll give impetus for all these movements and it'll result in pandemonium in our parliament.
  2. There is an allegation that Andhra people are coming to Telangana and taking their rightful jobs. People are forgetting that in this cut-throat corporate world if you have talent you'll be lapped up. Maybe so called Andhra people who are in good positions in Hyderabad deserve it. Nobody is stopping Telangana people from coming to Seemandhra or Coastal Andhra and make a living. Infact in Vizag I have seen lot of mallu junta, marvadis and even Telangana people coexisting peacefully. Only difference we don't feel Telangana people as somebody different.We see them as one among us.
  3. The most ridiculous allegation I heard is that Andhra people mock the way Telanganites speak telugu. American people are amused by the accent of Britishers. It doesn't mean that their English is better or that they don't have respect for Britishers. It is natural that one finds it amusing when people speak differently from what they are used to. My father studied in Telangana and has lots of friends there. Whenever he meets his college friends he effortlessly slips into Telangana accent. I have never seen him mocking the way they speak. In fact he chided me once for making fun of their way of speaking and explained to me that different regions have different dialects.People from other region will find my way of speaking laughable when I go to their region.
  4. Even if separate Telangana is formed Hyderabad will remain a metropolitan city like Mumbai.Most Andhra people go to only Hyderabad. So I don't understand how it'll help Telangana people unless they plan to forcefully drive away other state people. As they can't stop other state people from coming to Hyderabad, maybe they'll start agitation for separate country then.
  5. I don't believe that their leaders are spearheading this movement for welfare of people. Most leaders supporting this movement have personal interest in their mind. Education is one of the most important thing in our life. Anybody who incites students to violence and make them lose focus on their studies doesn't have welfare of society as his motto. If only these students put the same efforts in studies I am sure they'll get jobs not just in Hyderabad, but anywhere in the world.

After hearing about the extreme measures some Telangana activists are taking,I feel that eventually separate state will be given. But for me nothing will change, my friends from Telangana will still remain my friends. Indians are already fighting among themselves over various differences. Muslims vs Hindus, North Indians vs South Indians, SC's & ST's vs OC's, Telugu vs Tamil etc. How many more differences do we need?

P.S. : This is some crap written by me. I am sure there are many valid reasons for people wanting to have separate Telangana. I came across this wonderful answer in quora listing all the pros and cons of having separate state.


  1. Its not about cast, its not about how people are treated, its not about how they speak its about politics and how some areas were given more priority over others in developments, projects and who has been the benefactor for the whole long time(don't recollect all). They just think if they had been given that much, there might have been much to gain from them, for them. There is one more thing that you hit.. about jobs. Yeah.. The movements main reasons does include that. They plainly agree to the fact that in the whole competitive world they are well behind certain standards... Its nothing to do with corporate world, but it has everything to do with govt sector jobs... I agree that in competition telangana people do get less seats compared to others, but they want more on the soil thats closest to them.. Thats selfish because there is nothing else to depend on even though they have skilled enough for that job.. well there is not much of an option left. I couldn't agree with the act of reserving jobs based on region in that region, but couldn't come up with any other alternative. So I have no right to oppose them or defend them.
    As far as I think these people think if they get their own government they think there will be a selfish govt like karnataka (like resolving the almatti issue) to help increase the living standards or providing some alternatives. Honestly I donno what the politicians have in mind. In my opinion in India every man has the same right to do a job any where. Agar ek well educated fellow jaake bihar mein kaam karna chahta hein tho karne do.. No one stops, No one should.

    1. Thank you for your opinion Venky.I really wanted to know the take of people from Telangana on this issue. Yeah I haven't addressed the issue of unequal distribution of developments and projects. I am not sure whether Telangana will benefit in that regard by gaining separate state.Maybe they'll benefit maybe they won't.I'm not really sure on that.

    2. What, am I like one of those that support it ??
      For me... I couldn't care less as long it stays in India.


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