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Wing Mates

All 14 of us (AP,Dinakar,Anvesh,Raj,Charan,Chaithu,Kali,VAM,Harish,Ashraf, Mafia,Neerad,Alludu and I) are lined up in the corridor of 5th wing as the police inspector is eyeing each of us suspiciously. The dead body of Gowtham alias Rajugaru hasn't been removed from room no. 311 yet. As the photographer is taking the pictures of the corpse our ever enthusiastic AP stepped up and said "Sir, I have this camera which has 50000px resolution. It is imported from U.S. and is still in beta stage. If you click the button like this you'll get 3-D image and it is directly stored in your email......"

The inspector eyed AP contemptuously(I wouldn't be surprised even if he eyed our AP with lust). I guess this did the trick and AP closed his mouth for good. The inspector said "My profession requires that I have to see each of you as a possible murderer. I understand that your friend has been murdered and each of you is under considerable stress, but we have to continue with our investigation.So I need each of you to tell me what you are doing yesterday night in between 11:00-12:00 pm.I need you to provide an alibi."

Our ever enthusiastic AP started raising his right arm and shouted "I'll tell first sir.First!First!" The inspector nodded (I don't think the inspector's approval is all that essential here).AP continued "Sir I was in my Lab assisting my professor in redesigning the entire SAC building so that it can hold 500 times the present capacity while occupying only one-fourth the present space.Isn't it awesome?"

"Spare the details son. What about you?"

"I was with AP assisting him in the project sir",pat came the reply from Dinakar.

The inspector looked at Anvesh.He got the hint and said "I came to hostel from Nellore this morning only Sir.I am at Nellore railway station at that time."

Raj continued "I am playing Doroman-15.0 in my comp sir.Believe me it has awesome graphics."

Charan: "I was sleeping in my room as I had fever. I even have the hospital receipts.Alludu is in my room Sir.He is my alibi."

Alludu: "Yes sir,I was studying my course subjects in Charan's room sir."

Kali: "I was chatting with my girl-friend sir.Will my girl friend count as alibi?"
Inspector: "If you are chatting on skpe"

VAM: "I am watching Shaktimaan in my room"

Harish: "I was watching Sachin play in BPL sir.I was present in common room with 20 other cricket crazy fans."

Ashraf: "I am preparing for the niche exam XYZ in library.In fact I have been living in library for the last three months and I came here only today on hearing about our dear friends death."

I said,"I was watching some SRK movie in my room at that time."

Chaitu: "I was practising hockey even at midnight so that Narmad can win atleast once before I leave."

Neerad: "Sir I haven't left my room for the past 72 hours even for eating."

Mafia: "I guess I am stoned at that time.I don't remember where I was but have my other stoned friends as alibi."

Inspector: "So the ones without alibi's are Raj,VAM,Aditya,Neerad and possibly Kali."

VAM said vehemently,"Sir how can you suspect me sir.I am the soul mate of Gowtham. Believe me I don't go out even for bathing without him.How can you suspect me sir?How can you?"

Feeling that it'll be helpful I quipped,"Sir, Gowtham aka Rajugaru is the most powerful man in Guntur.Even babas,gurujis and politicians come and take blessings of our Rajugaru.Such a powerful man will have many enemies. How can you suspect that one of us is the murderer when any of his enemies can do it?"

"YOU FOOL!NOBODY HAS COME TO YOUR HOSTEL DURING THAT TIME.SO IT HAS TO BE ONE OF YOU."After calming down he continued,"all five of you come with me."

Strange as it may sound,the inspector took us to Ascendas on his jeep and oredered burger,french fries,coke combo for all of us. We were eating silently as the inspector is observing us. With a deep sigh he said,"I think I found the culprit."

All five us instantly stopped all movements including chewing and looked at him. He said in a deep peculiar voice(maybe he does it for dramatic effect), "Yesterday Gowtham and one of you had a fight over french fries. Yes,your friend VAM who is very fond of french fries,as I see it, is the murderer. Gowtham got french fries parcelled yesterday and is happily eating in his room. VAM came to his room and asked for some french fries.Gowtham refused as he is hungry. This angered the cruel,insane,innocent looking VAM and he killed him. During the commotion some french fries fell on the floor and this hard hearted criminal made the mistake of not cleaning the room."

The inspector finished his monologue with a triumphant smile as VAM is looking down towards his tummy in shame.

P.S. : Written for fun out of boredom. Hope nobody gets offended.Inputs to make this better are most welcome.


  1. Mr. Adi :), where is my pic! It's ok, just now i took the pic of myself with my 50000 px camera. I hope that you got an email from my camera

    1. You are there in the pic.But,we need specialized lens from Germany to see you in the picture. And I received your pic but my comps config is not advanced enough to download the 3-D pic:P

  2. Somehow landed here.. Miss those days dude :)


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