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5 Most Embarrassing Parliament Moments

I just read that the Indian parliament's winter session got off to an expectedly chaotic and noisy start on Thursday, with opposition lawmakers shouting slogans against the government's recent decision to ease foreign direct investment rules in the retail sector.Even the monsoon session has been a waste of time as 13 out of 19 sittings have been washed out due to BJP storming into the well of the both houses demanding resignation P.M. Dr. Manmohan Singh alleging loss of `1.86 lakh crores as revealed by C.A.G relating to Coal block allocation. After reading about such incidents and learning that more than 160 of our elected MPs have criminal charges against them I felt like compiling five most embarrassing Parliamentary moments.

5. Abu Azmi attacked by MNS legislators

I always assumed that in India we have the liberty to speak in whatever language we are comfortable in. Apparently,it is not so when it comes to taking oath at the office(even when the language is Hindi). Some MNS legislators had roughed up Samajwadi Party member Abu Asim Azmi for taking oath of office in Hindi instead of Marathi.

4. Laloo's Speech 

Actually this is not exactly an embarrassing, but fun video. Lalu Prasad Yadav's speeches are quite funny.Judging from the reactions of other ministers when Laloo speaks they absolutely love when he speaks. Though he is not educated he makes it up by his witty sense of humour. You can find the members of Parliament in light hearted mood banging the desks in applause for Mr.Laloo.

3.Cash for Vote

The cash-for-votes scandal is a scandal in which the UPA, the majority-holding parliamentary-party alliance of India led by Sonia Gandhi, allegedly bribed Indian MPs in order to survive a confidence vote on 22 July 2008. Though the government has denied the allegations and the subsequent enquiry is still going on, it is difficult to forget the scenes of three BJP MLA's waving bundles of cash in the Parliament accusing the government of bribing them for support or abstention of vote.

2.MPs watching porn in Parliament

With all the power and money these politicians have one would assume they are getting lot of action in their secret guest houses. Maybe we are wrong or our MPs are too horny or they have some obsession with porn. It is both hilarious and embarrassing that 3 MPs have been watching porn during legislative debate. 

1.Rampage in UP state assembly

This has to be the most embarrassing situation hands down. I have heard jokes that assemblies are like fish market with people shouting rubbish all the time. But I never imagined that they behave like hooligans and get into brawls all the time. Man I am ashamed that these are the leaders whom we elected to represent us.

P.S. May be there are more embarrassing moments than those listed here. I would be glad to know about them.


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