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Dress code for placements

The most exciting,anxiety filled,energy sapping phase of student life, the placement interviews are going to kick-start from tomorrow in our campus. Most of my friends are tense and can be seen preparing with never-seen-before intensity and zeal for the interviews.Some are desperate to take whatever job they get,some are particular about where they want to get placed,some are sitting for placements as back-up option (in case they don't get into their desired universities) and some are applying for all companies just for kicks (Believe me,there is a CS guy with 9+ GPA sitting for 10th day company exams). One thing that everybody is bothered about is what is the dress code for the interviews. Make no mistake of thinking that this post is about dress code in interviews from a guy who is not even sitting for placements.

I am kind of amused with how much hustle-bustle goes on about what to wear for an interview. One of my Aero friend has gone shopping to buy formals for the interviews and ended up spending more than Rs.10000 on it.Heck, he bought a tie worth Rs.1300. There is another friend in my department who is so confident that he'll be placed on first day that he feels it is not worth buying a pair of formals(Even I believe that he'll get placed on the first day). He would rather borrow it from other junta.

But what really ticked me off is an email sent to the placements gmail group. Somebody wanted to know whether it is compulsory to wear a suit for interview. Just discussing with a couple of wing mates would have been enough to get the answer. But it is understandable given that most us are getting used to online discussions even for petty issues. That question got answered, but then he asks about shoes. I couldn't help but thinking that is there something called common sense in this guy. A senior replied "Generally everyone wears black shoes for placements......". This prompted another question from another genius - aren't brown shoes ok? This drove me over the edge. I am not sure whether he posted this question with a satirical hint or is he really that dumb as to think that wearing brown shoes will effect his chances of getting placed.

Now the troll in me sent some arbit question to the group which goes something like "what about sports shoes?which colour tie is appropriate?Full hands shirt or half hands?Should I wear digital watch or mechanical watch or don't wear a watch at all?Does hair-style matter?" . Believe me our BC(Branch Counsellor) answered all my stupid questions patiently.
what about sports shoes?
not a formal thing.  imagine urself wearing sports shoes on trousers and a full sleeved shirt. not recommended. 
which colour tie is appropriate?
whichever goes with your shirt choice. choose one of a darker colour preferably. and preferably a white shirt. or a light coloured shirt 
Full hands shirt or half hands?
full sleeved is the norm 
Should I wear digital watch or mechanical watch or don't wear a watch at all?
wont matter wear whatever you want 
Does hair-style matter?
yep .. avoid spikes, etc. cleanly combed hair.
I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this mail. How can any person in his right sense take my questions seriously yaar?

The icing on the cake is that these questions are posted by guys who would most likely be placed on the first day even if they go in shorts and t-shirts to the interviews. There are some guys who are really concerned about whether they'll even get placed and for whom accepting a job offer is the first choice if they got placed. It is understandable if such guys are worried about these minute details. But no words come to my mouth to describe the state of my mind when stud-junta who are most probably sitting for placements as a back-up option are worried about the colour of the shoes they are wearing for interview (they are definitely not sitting for public relations related job).

In case anybody is still wondering what to wear for their interviews - wear formal shirt and trouser and shoes that go with your attire. If the colour of the shoe makes a difference for some company imo it is not worth working for such companies.


  1. Yey!! I am featured on Choppa's blog! I feels honoured...

    1. I am honoured to receive comment/like from a Hindu front page candidate + Marathi future icon + the guy who said no to 82 L offer + the guy who got offers from 6 top companies + ....

  2. Oh, and I thought the BC's response was the lollest part of the thread! How come that didn't feature here?

    1. I wrote this post before our BC answered so patiently to all my stupid questions. Thanks for reminding me. I'll edit the post now.


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